How to Convert laravel Array to Query String |
How to Convert laravel Array to Query String |

How to Convert laravel Array to Query String


In Laravel, the Arr::query() function is a handy tool that helps convert an array into a URL query string. A query string is a part of a URL that starts with a question mark (?) and contains key-value pairs separated by ampersands (&). It’s commonly used to send data between web pages or to a server.

In web development, passing data between pages or APIs is a common necessity. Laravel, a robust PHP framework, simplifies this process with its Arr::query() function. This function effortlessly transforms arrays into URL query strings, aiding in cleaner, more efficient code.

The process involves creating an array with key-value pairs representing the data you want to transfer. Then, by invoking Arr::query(), this array gets converted into a string that forms part of a URL.

The resulting query string can be appended to URLs for navigation or included in API requests to transmit specific data sets. This method streamlines the handling of URL parameters, offering a concise and standardized approach within Laravel applications.

Understanding this conversion process is invaluable for developers working on web applications that rely on passing parameters through URLs. The clarity and simplicity offered by Laravel’s Arr::query() function enhance the overall maintainability and readability of code, making it a fundamental tool in modern web development practices.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Install Laravel (if not already installed)

If you haven’t installed Laravel yet, you can do so by following the official documentation on the Laravel website.

2. Create an Array

Let’s assume you have an array in your Laravel application that you want to convert into a query string.

$array = [
    'name' => 'John Doe',
    'age' => 30,
    'city' => 'New York',
    // Add more key-value pairs as needed

3. Using Arr::query()

Now, to convert this array into a query string, you can use the Arr::query() method provided by Laravel.

use Illuminate\Support\Arr;

$queryString = Arr::query($array);

4. Output the Result

You can now use the $queryString variable wherever you need to include the query string in your application.


The Arr::query() function in Laravel is a convenient way to convert arrays into query strings, making it easier to pass data through URLs or API requests.

Remember to adjust the variable names and keys according to your specific application needs. This method simplifies the process of creating query strings, providing a cleaner and more maintainable way to handle URL parameters.

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